How to Maintain a Marble Floor

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Luxury. Statement piece. Elegance. Class. 

If you have a marble floor in your home or in your office, those words sound familiar to you. 

But you’re forgetting one very important descriptor for your marble floor: hard work

From marble-tile restoration to marble cleaning and polishing, marble upkeep requires you to pull out all the stops. And though it may be a lot of work, it is worth it in the end. Every time you enter your home, your state-of-the-art marble floors will greet you with a gleam and a wink. 

Keep reading for all the tips, tricks and expert advice on marble floor care. 

Maintain a Marble Stone Floor


Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Marble Floor

There are countless places in your home for which you could install new marble flooring or look into marble restoration. 

Likewise, there are countless regimens to follow for the marble polishing and cleaning processes that come with it. Marble is a soft, porous material that is prone to bruises, scratches and a temperament that you must deal with accordingly. Even the grout between its tiles can stain with relative ease, ending with you having to call in your local marble-floor polishing service. 

We will get into the specific do’s and don’ts later. In general, however, you can split up the maintenance into three main responsibilities. 

Regular Cleaning

With natural marble, it is crucial that you clean it on a regular basis. When we say often, we mean often. If you follow the right protocol for cleaning (more on that later), you might find it almost impossible to “overclean.” 

Most people have two main concerns when it comes to regular cleaning. One, you might think that the costs will rack up too frequently for you to justify with yourself and your bank account. Two, you may fear the time it takes to constantly clean your floors when you have endless other responsibilities on your plate. 

In response to your first concern: believe us when we say the benefits of maintenance far outweigh the costs. Marble floor restoration, when compared to initial upkeep, is another ballgame entirely. Costs for restoration tend to rise each time you fail to regularly clean. 

And to your second concern: it can 100 percent be a time-consuming task. If that is the case, we have good news. Your marble-polishing company will step in to give you glimmering and squeaky-clean marble floors, with little to no effort on your part. 

Daily Cleaning

Now, we start to get into more of the specifics. 

For your daily cleaning, dry-mop every day. Throw out your old, scratchy witch’s broom and opt for a microfiber soft-mop for a shiny surface. 

Cleaning as You Go

Finally, we come to the “as needed” portion of cleaning and maintenance. 

The second you spill anything on your floors, run– don’t walk– to your closest absorbent towel. If you remember, marble is a porous material, so dark liquids especially can seep in before you even realize. 

If your marble naturally stains throughout the years, reach out to your nearest professional marble-polishing service for a poultice. They can also help you with the fine-print details about how to use it. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Marble-Floor Maintenance

Whether you’re interested in installing marble floors at home or you’re looking for a refresher on marble-floor polishing techniques, we have the essential do’s and don’ts of marble-floor maintenance. 

DO: Use Your Dust-Mop Often

All floors get gritty, but marble does even more so. Pick out a natural soft- or dust-mop instead of ones that come with chemical-treated pads. Ideally, you need to dust-mop every day to eliminate dust, dirt and grime. 

Once you finish, clean your mop so you do not transfer old dirt the next time you clean. 

DO: Place Mats and Rugs

In your foyer or with areas heavy in foot traffic, take advantage of mats and rugs. You (and your guests) can wipe your feet to eliminate outdoors debris that might scuff your marble floors. Also consider a non-slip layer under your rugs and mats so you do not slip on your hard flooring. 

DO: Blot at Spills as Soon as They Happen

As previously stated, you’ll want to address a spill as quickly as you can. Spills are a normal part of everyday life, but they can turn into a bigger problem if you let them sit. 

Always remember to blot instead of wiping. Wiping only increases the surface area of the accident. After you blot, make a solution of water and mild dish soap. Rinse the area with your solution and wipe it clean. Finish with a gentle, soft cloth to dry it completely. 

DON’T: Scratch With Metal Objects

If you have to set down some sort of metal on your marble floors for just a moment, your floors will most likely be fine. 

But do not leave any metal object on your floor for a while, as it scratches and damages marble with ease. 

Plus, rusted metal stains your marble tiles to an orange-brown color. You can add felt protectors to the legs of your metal furniture for a layer of protection. 

DON’T: Expose to Moisture

A lot of marble has natural iron elements in it. This means water or moisture can quickly rust your marble floors, turning them yellow. If this happens to you, contact your marble floor professionals for help. 

DON’T: Vacuum

Vacuuming seems like an easy solution to clean up natural dirt build-up. With marble, avoid it at all costs. 

Vacuum cleaners tend to leave scratches on your marble floor, so opt for soft mops instead. 

DON’T: Use Acidic Cleaners

Vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic “natural” cleaners are your marble floor’s worst enemy. 

They etch your marble, exposing the cushiony and dull stone that lies underneath its beautiful surface. Not only is that not visually appealing, it puts your floor at greater risk of long-term staining and harmful wear. 

Instead, look for marble-specific cleaners with a neutral pH. 

DON’T: Take Shortcuts

It is easy to fall into the trap of “I’m tired, I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I read about a faster way online” when it comes to marble flooring. Avoid that urge. 

While marble tiles do look like a miraculous addition to your home, those “quick fixes” are anything but. Resorting to them is a surefire way to spend far more than you intended on marble floor restoration. 

What is the Most Important “Don’t” of Marble Floor Maintenance? 

That was plenty of information, tips and tricks to consider. 

You already have a lot of daily upkeep for your marble floor care as it is. You shouldn’t make it any harder for yourself. And that brings us to our final “don’t” of marble maintenance: 

Don’t go at it alone. In other words, do call your experts at Milwaukee Area Stone Professionals. We clean, polish and seal your marble floors, plus any other marble-floor care services you may need.

So keep focusing on the rest of your hobbies, responsibilities and personal time. Take the hassle out of your marble-laden castle and contact Milwaukee Area Stone Professionals today.

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